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Identifying Frailty

Older people should be assessed for the presence of frailty during all encounters with health and social care professionals.

The British Geriatric Society recommends the following assessments:

PRISMA 7 Questionnaire (see tab above) - which is a seven item questionnaire to identify disability that has been used in earlier frailty studies and is also suitable for postal completion. A score of > 3 is considered to identify frailty.

Walking speed (gait speed) - taking less than 5 seconds to walk 4m is considered normal

Timed up and go test - The TUGT measures, in seconds, the time taken to stand up from a standard chair, walk a distance of 3 metres, turn, walk back to the chair and sit down. Less than 10 seconds is considered normal.

Rockwell Scale
PRISMA 7 Questionnaire
Edmonton Scale